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Elyon - Available for pre-download on the Elyon beta client

Elyon – Available for pre-download on the Elyon beta client

Elion’s first phase beta test in the West will take place from May 6 to 10. The game client (approximately 45GB) is available for pre-download.

As mentioned, the first phase of the beta test of MMORPG Alien West will be held May 6-10. Get ready for it and access it as soon as the test servers open (Thursday, May 6, at 2pm), the game client is now available for pre-download.

Until the beta calls us and registers it on the official site (after creating an account), we can already go This address Start downloading client 45GB or earlier – obviously download is faster for some, more labor consuming (we imagine download servers are too busy).

As for the record, the developer notes that this is only the first phase of testing, and will not be a full representative of the final version of MMORPG – the beta 1 will only be available in English, and the French language version will only be used in beta 2. However, the servers are already Europe-based, and testers are not subject to the Privacy Policy (NDA).

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