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The Chinese manufacturer is starting to disappoint

The Chinese manufacturer is starting to disappoint

The main memory in the Android smartphone plays an important role and is one of the factors that determine how well a device performs. The first Chinese manufacturer has found a way to advertise with more RAM than actually installed. That can be a big problem.

The RealMe GT Master Edition does not have 19GB of RAM

We recently tested a very interesting smartphone from China with RealMe GT ().For testing), Which is good value for money. The Chinese manufacturer will soon release its “master version” and is already promoting it on Weibo in China (source: Realme). Interestingly, it talks about 19GB of RAM. How is that possible? One There really is no RAM of this size:

RealMe is advertising the next smartphone with 19GB of RAM. (Source: Weibo)

This is also true because Realme benefits from the very special property of the software. The smartphone has 12GB of physical RAM, which is actually configured, and has 7GB of virtual RAM, which is released by the software and comes from internal memory. Only recently We explained in a postWhat are the benefits of this. Slower smartphones in particular may benefit from this technology. However, it should not be used to fool the user into thinking it is a smartphone There is also real memory, Than it actually does. Here it works later.

With 12GB of RAM, 7GB is still completely different in performance from the internal memory. It is, on the contrary, human I.e. loses internal memory. You want to throw here with a large number that offer no benefit to everyday life.

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Um Video You can find the previous RealMe GT smartphone:

Is the next course of memory bad?

Now the RealMe GT Master Edition is the first Android smartphone to advertise with more memory than it actually installed. Internal storage is not as fast as RAM. So equality is completely wrong. One can only hope that Realm will not show this when referring to technical data. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be surprised if cheap smartphones suddenly have 20GB of RAM on paper, but only part of it is actually real working memory.