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The Canadian Super Radio Telescope detects 500 fast radio explosions. "Origin unknown"

The Canadian Super Radio Telescope detects 500 fast radio explosions. “Origin unknown”

Among the various objectives of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (SIM) is the Canadian Radio Telescope, which costs $ 16 million and is located in British Columbia to discover how the universe formed. But also read the so-called Faster radio flashing, External emissions of unknown origin. Since its construction, a year ago, five hundred of these events have been captured.

Mysterious signals from the most distant galaxy, but have nothing to do with ET

Fast radio flash, or “Faster Radio Explosions”, FRB, According to the English acronym, the emission of radio waves comes suddenly and is without obvious rule Location, Usually for a very short time, from a millisecond to a few milliseconds. What is it about? What we do not know is whether this is a natural phenomenon or an “artificial” exchange (yes, aliens are always a last resort, for scientists).

SIM radio telescope, Thanks to its new generation standard antennas, which has quadrupled the number of fast radio explosions so far, and thanks to the collaboration of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Strictly speaking, the emissions received were 535, from July 2018 to July 2019. But the number of captured signals is very high and has limited the number of correctly “executed” accounts. This radio telescope is used to pick up the most primitive signals, and they are coming From the dawn of the universe, Six to eleven billion years ago. Scientists have now presented the first “list” of these radio explosions at the American Astronomical Society conference. Before Chim – Caitlin Shin, an MIT researcher involved in the project, told the Daily Mail – there were about a hundred detected signals in total. Now, we discover hundreds of new ones every year. Once we took four of them overnight, it was my personal best.

UFO, CNN Previews: This is the investigation into “Aliens”

The origin of these emissions is unknown: they were captured in very different parts of the universe, and in some cases they came from our own galaxy. They are basically divided into two categories: radio explosions that repeat themselves and isolated events.

Alien life? Science discovered here

But what is it? They reach us, and the fact that they are taken by Cymal means that they come from very powerful energy sources. However, we do not know of any astronomical phenomena that can produce such high-speed and super-powerful signals. No hypothesis has been rejected so far, from the collision between the stars to the news artificially created by some extraterrestrial company.

The first fast radio flash was taken in 2001, It was not until 2007 that scientists realized this by examining previously archived data. It takes time to recognize these events because it is necessary to first rule out any hypothesis of error, such as a malfunction of the machine. However, astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astronomy argue that whatever they cause, rapid radio explosions could be used to study the structure and evolution of the universe.

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