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A trace of extraterrestrial life?

A trace of extraterrestrial life?

In 2017, before he left, he approached our planets. This “galaxy observer” was the first object to come beyond our solar system. Astronomers in Hawaii (United States) gave it the name Omuvamuwa, a “scout” in Maori. According to Avi Lope, director and editor of the Harvard Department of Astronomy The first sign of intelligent extraterrestrial life, This messenger is a first sign Extraterrestrial civilization.

Omuvamuwa The direction changed abnormally as the sun approached. Comets can change course when ice melts by expelling gas; However, no trace of this galaxy was found. But for other astronomers, mystery does not refer to an alien spacecraft.

As for the astronomer, he would like to offer a lesson in humility: There are trillions of galaxies like our Milky Way galaxy in the visible universe. There are more planets and solar systems like us in the universe than snowdrops on our earth. It should teach us a little humility. We are probably ordinary, ordinary, probably not the smartest around“. Omuvamuwa would also be a warning to humanity: Avi Lope thinks it is a shipwreck or an automated probe, a place of extinct civilization.


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