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The Brawley series has sold more than three million copies worldwide

The Brawley series has sold more than three million copies worldwide

In Famitsu, Square Enix took the sales of the bold series. Since the ownership began in 2012, digital exports and sales have surpassed three million copies worldwide. The bold default debut on the Nintendo 3DS, which boldly received a second. Square Enix boldly released the default II on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year (in February). According to our calculations, the bold default II is very close to one million copies.

The announcement was made as part of a presentation on the new smartphone game: Bold default brilliant treats, which will be a great spin with all the heroes of the series.

“Bold Default Intelligent Treats” is a work that enhances system-based command combat using the “Brave & Default” combat system, a feature of the series for smartphone games. The feature is that you can take advantage of the unique tactical battle in this job using the familiar method from the series. It has also been announced that a closed beta test (CPD) for Android devices will be conducted in the near future in preparation for the official launch of the service. Details on CPT recruitment and implementation will be announced on official Twitter, so if you want to get information soon, you should follow them.

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