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The blue moon scene is coming tonight with giant projects. We tell you the exact time, where to enjoy it

Weather: The Blue Moon Show comes tonight, with Giant Planets. We tell you the perfect time to enjoy it

The Blue Moon is coming, Sunday 22 August is visible in almost all ItalySunday, August 22nd Is coming “Blue moon“, With giant planets, is exactly visible in Italy. In fact, it occurs at full moon Ore 14.02, But apparently hers Maximum visibility Will happen Will be, When the sun goes down, definitely help Mild weather (Except for a few alpine areas, an anticyclone is expected in almost all Italy).

Because this is not a rare occurrence This happens every 2-5 years Many full moons occur within a few months.

Newspaper RepublicIn its online version, Explains why it is called: Anyone who thinks our satellite looks completely blue will be disappointed, because of words like this A color change does not make sense, But only Third summer full moon definition.

Therefore, “unlike”Red moon”, Which is actually more red than usual, will simply be that admirable Sunday evening 2021 Third full moon And next on August 31, 2023.

August 22 The moon joins the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union (Uai)’s Paulo Volpini, allowing even the less experienced to easily identify the two giant planets in the sky, Jupiter and Saturn. The night ends in the south: after a few days, they appear larger and brighter than the resistance.. Even without the disturbance of the moon, UAI is organizing the ‘Notti de Gigante’ initiative, with observation evenings organized across Italy on August 27, 28 and 29.

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