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'Friends', Stefano de Martino killed: De Philippi throws him out and calls a singer |  Irrationality

‘Friends’, Stefano de Martino killed: De Philippi throws him out and calls a singer | Irrationality

Stefano de Martino kills friends: De Filippi appoints a singer to replace him. Who is it

Stefano di MartinoBorn in 1989, he is a dancer and television presenter known to the public for his extravagant flirtation with one of the most sought after shows by the Italian public, Amici de Maria de Filippi and some very important women. Show, Emma Maron and ex-wife Belen Rodriguez. She developed the dream of dancing from an early age, and in 2007, was able to win a scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, thanks to which she had the opportunity to interact with modern and contemporary dance. After his experience at Amichi he won a contract with complex contemporary ballet, which allowed him to take part in tours to New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.

Curiosity (web photography)

After his television experience, he became a supporter and presenter of Amichi Daytime in 2015, and later he became one of the protagonists of the show. Small giantsThe show, hosted by Belen Rodriguez, aired on Channel 5 in early 2016, captaining the “The Incredibles” team. Since 2016 he has been joining the cast Selfie – Things will change, Hosted by Simona Ventura on Canal 5, where she was one of the guides.

Stefano never pursued success as a fundamental element but to do it primarily for money, so he declares: “I do this work for money, If tomorrow I find that selling bulk tires will earn me more and make me live better, me Without fame I would do so happily.

He has long been the subject of rumors as his story with Pel fills the pages of the show. Initially, the story caused a stir because the dancer was so attached to Emma Maron that she later said: “I know I have created sorrows, I have created many, but never with bad intentions. I think I left Bad memories, But something good

For the last version, Stefano played the judge in the version of the talented Amish, but according to some rumors, the presenter would have liked a singer.

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Who will replace Stefano Di Martino?

Ste vs Elodie
Singer (web photo)

Following the success of San Giovanni and Giulia Stable in the 2021 edition of Amici de Maria de Philippi, there are rumors that changes will take place not only for the teachers but also for the jury.

According to some rumors, Maria has decided to judge Stefano di Martino to include a singer: Elody.

According to David Majio this year, the talent show could begin in September: “This year the bell will first ring at Elios Studios. One can expect unexpected news about the future of the leaked Amici di Maria de Philippi when presenting tables made by Piercelvio Berlusconi. The Canal 5 talent show should start by the end of November, as usual in recent years, with Saturday afternoon and daytime meetings “.

There is no certainty about changing Elodie but in reality, Stefano should return to behavior tonight. Everything can be aired on Roy 2. Hynes. But that’s not all: soon, he makes his cinematic debut I eat your heart By Pipo Mesabesa.