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The best new iOS and Android games to download in October

The best new iOS and Android games to download in October

We all spend a lot of time using our mobile devices, so we can spend at least some productivity, right? Maybe, but this article is not about that. This means playing games on your expensive phones and more specifically on newer games.

We have compiled a list of some of the new Android and iOS games released this month. From platformers to puzzlers, there is so much to like here.

Here are the games you should download in October

Whether you are an Apple fan or prefer open source Android, we will let you know what to play in October.

A Monsters Expedition

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, there are some great games this month. The first A Monsters Expedition, Which is a fascinating puzzle based on changing your surroundings. You have work to do around a few small islands, and the museum displays how strange humans are on them. Oh, and you have to build bridges between the islands to continue. Is that correct?

What I really like about this game is that there is no set way to follow. If you get stuck, head back to another island where you already are and see if you can take off in another direction. No judgment, no limit to reset, no timers, no motion counters or any of that pressure. Beautiful entertainment, and we can all do some of them right now.

Download on iOS

Marble Knights

This dungeon crawler (or should it be a roller?) Is scooting on giant marbles, with all the moves that adhere to the inertia you would expect if you ever used a trackball on your computer. That means it takes a little ohm to start rolling and there is a similar push to slow down. Sounds interesting, right? If you ever play Marble Madness Or Super Monkeyball, You know the drill.

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Download on iOS

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

If you want to know more about Wall In Game of Thrones, And how it keeps humanity safe for hundreds of years, you really want to download this game. From tying the night watch to the wall with magic, to seizing it from generations of Lord commanders to keep the wall in perfect condition, to exploring the surroundings, you get an early warning of any threats. All of this is done in real time, so events unfold even when the app is closed. Ideal for use as your leisure time diversion from a spreadsheet that you do not wish to edit.

Download on iOS

Dumb ways to die 2: Games

Remember all the previous safety pictures that tried to teach kids fun that there was danger everywhere? Well, this game even in mobile form. To teach about train safety, it is packed with arcade games that show the best deaths and stunts. Yes, it was done by an Australian train operator, but don’t stop yourself, it looks great.

Android | iOS

Christopia: Nova Journey ($ 4.99)

Remember the point and click on the mystery style led by the classics Mist? Christopia The series is that kind of jam, revolving around spaceflight explorer Nova Dune, picking up objects and locating environmental puzzles. Protect: Take everything. If you do not select it the first time, try again – you do not know when you will need it.

Android | iOS

Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

This roguelike RPG allows you to team up with friends and plunder some methodically generated basements. The Wizards are once again playing with powers beyond their comprehension and opening a door to another existence. Oops, I like ess, but it gives you hordes of weird monsters to destroy and gives your hero over 300 gear pieces to wear.

Android | iOS

Genshin effect

If you are looking for a huge, open world RPG that can drown your thumbs, download it. It has crossplay between mobile, PC and PlayStation, so you can play with your friends whatever game they play and it will be one of the achievements of 2020. It is full of beautiful anime characters, anime storytelling, anime monsters, and anime attack animations. Oh, did I mention this is a playable anime? I was probably driven by it, right? Download it and see what social media is buzzing about.

Android | iOS


Augmented reality games have so far been limited to catching Pokemon or weird glittering objects, but Hollowista is about to change that. Step into the feet of architect amateur architect Carmen who got their dream job at the renowned architecture firm Mesmer & Braid. Catch? Your job feels very pedestrian, because you go to this building and take photos of the rooms, like taking some of the objects in the rooms. Using your phone’s sensors, turning it around will show you the interior of the room and you should share pictures taken in the Game World version of social media. The queue worries comments from your Ingem friends, but it will be worth it once you finally arrive.

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In us

Yes, this game is over for ages. That is, until a month ago no one played, now everyone is. So join the fun and download now we hope you will act a little suss otherwise. This is the perfect game for social distance, and getting to know more about your friends and what ticks them.

Android | iOS

Hamster Town

Cute hamster. Check. Beautiful candies. Check. Connect the two and you got the idea behind this cute, cute puzzler. Progress allows you to expand your hamster house and play more beautiful fluffballs. We can all do it with more determination right now, I’m sure you will agree.

Android | iOS

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