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PS5 reveals leak compatibility information, group chats, remote downloads

PS5 reveals leak compatibility information, group chats, remote downloads

The source code on the PlayStation Store website shows Sony’s plans for PS5 features, including periodically adding more PS4 titles.

New information about PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility, group chats, and remote downloads seems to have been leaked to the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Store’s website appears to be having problems with its source code, which reveals information in advance to potential users who visit the site. One such message suggests that the PlayStation will periodically add new PS4 titles to the list of those supported by the PS5’s back compatibility.

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The message reads “This PS4 game is not supported with your PS5’s current system software.” “We’ll continue to play more PS4 games on the PS5. Update your PS5, and then try to play the game.” On its Next-Gen counter there are also messages informing users that not all functionality may be available when playing the PS4 title.

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Some of the source code that appears on the site seems to verify some of the features that have not yet been officially verified. These features include cross-generation group chats, remote downloads and cloud saving. However, the leak of these source codes has not been officially confirmed by Sony for any of these features.

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Sony recently confirmed that the PS5 will not be compatible with the first three PlayStation consoles. Demand for the PlayStation 5, which is set to launch in November, is high, with a Japanese analyst predicting that the lifetime sales of the console will exceed 200 million units. Problems surrounding the less-sensitive pre-order process led Sony to apologize via Twitter.

The PlayStation 5 will go on sale from Sony on November 12th. The version with Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive retails for $ 499, while the Digital Edition without Disk Drive retails for $ 399.

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