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GTA V: Cran Theft Auto VI, thanks to machine learning induced photovoltaics, could it be like this?

GTA V: Cran Theft Auto VI, thanks to machine learning induced photovoltaics, could it be like this?

“Evidence of Concept” video produced by scientists from the lab Intel ISL Has now been uploaded to demonstrate its ability to increase photosynthesis Grand Theft Auto Vs., Documented An online science publication. She shows me what the next will be like GTA VI By improving game scenes through machine learning (Deep learning / Mechanical learning). GTA V Although it was a graphic marvel when it was first released in 2013 and has had some improvements since then it is definitely starting to show age. Red Dead Rescue2 Show me what Rockstar Games Finished in 2018, but again 3 years have passed. So, this awesome photosynthetic development GTA5 Not like Saints In a real place, it gives us an idea of ​​what it is Cran Theft Auto6 May be desired.

That video was released Web light By Intel ISL And shared subreddit r / videos. Unfortunately, you cannot run this photosynthetic version GTA V, Because it is not one Mod Downloadable. Photosynthesis is achieved by playing the game through an image enhancement network (Neural network) It uses photos of actual locations to change the image shown.

But it’s not just about bringing AI to improve sports video footage. Instead, the team behind the scenes also uses render buffers taken GTA5 Obtain geometric information such as surface normal and camera distance, as well as other material information such as lighting and object reflection.

The results are incredibly impressive, and you can go and think for yourself that you are watching real live footage. What differentiates this method of image enhancement from other techniques is that it is temporarily fixed, meaning that no artifacts appear as the image moves. You can test these images Project description site With Sliders Compare the two versions.

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Its image data Mod Actually based in German cities, which leads to some interesting mistakes such as turning the arid mountains of Los Santos into green mountains. Since it operates with data from a temperate climate, the model expects the mountains to be covered with vegetation, thus “correcting” the error.

GTA5ouGTA6 Description 2

Although this video is interesting, “What if? “To GTA V, There is still a lot of life in the massive work of the open world Rockstar Games. After all, A PS5 version is still planned for this year, Which was announced last year during the presentation The future of video games, And should give us another reason to reconsider misconceptions Trevor, Michael And Franklin. We can not wait to see how it compares with this photosynthetic video.

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