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The best apps to download now for your new iPhone or iPod

The best apps to download now for your new iPhone or iPod

Got a new iPhone or iPod during the holidays? Take advantage of it by getting some of the best, most effective iOS apps. Here are five favorites we think every iPhone and iPad owner should use.

We have removed regular suspects from this list. You already know about Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (so you can already use them), so we’re not going to mention them. Instead, we have selected five terrifying applications that you may not have heard of before, but should download right away.

These are apps that make holding the iPhone and iPod even sweeter (even during global epidemics), so sleep well and remember everything that is important to you.

Be fit not to leave the house.
Photo: Seven


Leaving the house and being fit is not easy as gyms are closed to cover up the corona virus and cold weather. But who says you have to go out? Seven This is a great free download to help you achieve your fitness goals with quick workouts that you can do at home.

It has a full library of seven to over 200 exercises, whether you are fit for the first time, want to burn body fat, or get a start on your beach body. Each exercise is clearly illustrated with detailed descriptions and 3D models, and the achievements help to be motivated.

The app allows you to join workout groups filled with other members who share similar goals, and if you have a competition, you can even compete in online leagues. Seven are also available on the Apple Watch.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Dark noise application for iPhone
Use dark noises to sleep, focus, and relax.
Photo: Dark noise

Dark noise

Do you struggle to sleep, concentrate, or relax? Use Dark noise Listen to one of more than 40 high-quality ambient sounds that can help calm your mind and calm your brain. It has a dark noise, as its name implies, pleasant rain, exploding fire, crashing waves and so on.

What’s so great about dark noise is that it allows you to create your own sound mixes. Mix rain with fireworks or freight trains to find the sound that settles you, and then use AirPlay to send it to homeboats and other peripherals. Dark Noise also works well on the M1 Max since its last update.

Price: 99 5.99

Dashlane 6 Identity Protection Dashboard
Everything you need to be safe online.
Photo: Dashlane


Dashlane Password management is an application that does not seem very exciting until you consider the alternative – remembering passwords in your own human brain. Dashline integrates wonderfully with iPhone, iPad, Mac and anything else you can use (even Windows PCs).

Dashline can fill in passwords in Safari and other browsers, and it remembers credit card numbers, receipts, documents and many other important information. Dashlane a Mac cult Sponsored.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Halite app for iPhone
Control your iPhone’s camera.
Photo: Halide

Holiday Mark II

Want to get more out of your iPhone’s camera? Holiday Mark II Is a pro camera app that gives you complete control over your pictures. Use it for greater control over things like ISO, shutter speed and white balance. Shoot raw images that can change the content of your heart when it comes time to edit.

Halide gives you manual control over focusing and is great at shooting portrait photos, and it has a terrific user interface designed for one-handed use. If you want to know what your iPhone’s camera is really capable of, Halight is a great place to start.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Deolingo app for iPhone
Leaning into the new language is easier than you think.
Photo: Deolingo


When you are ready to start learning a new language, do it Deolingo. This great application makes learning simple, fun and fast. It starts with the basics and then activates you using quick, hard-to-learn lessons. It helps to listen to the language you are learning and to motivate yourself to speak it.

Deolingo supports a total collection of different languages, including Spanish, French, German and Japanese. It is designed by language experts who know how to create useful, easy lessons. This is by far the best language gradient app you can find anywhere.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

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