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After the March updates Windows 10 crashes with a simple press: What to do

After the March updates Windows 10 crashes with a simple press: What to do

Following the release The latest overall updates for Windows 10, Which happened last Tuesday, many users report starting The inevitable blue screens of death (o PSOD, Da Blue Screen of Death) When starting print work with network printers. In particular, the error message “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH” In the file win32kfull.sys.

Second Some posts Reddit Crashes appeared after installing the latest updates for Windows 10, especially packagesKB5000802 e KB5000808, Popular with the latest versions of the operating system. In some cases it is enough to replace the dedicated printer drivers with other common drivers, but some users They found no solution other than uninstalling the latest updates. Despite reports from printer owners, we still do not know how widespread the problem is and which models are involved. Kyocera, Rico e Timo.

In fact, one of the innovations of the latest update, Microsoft has solved Impact on print spooler service, Introduces an error that was not immediately detected during the beta test phase of the update. We do not know if this was the cause of the problem, but Microsoft has already confirmed that there is an error He also promised to provide a speedy solution with renewal once the investigation into the case is completed.

Windows 10 crashes when printing, how to fix

You may have to wait for a definitive solution to the problem to be fixed, but that may take some time. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, the only solution to the problem, Uninstall the package that introduced the error. Very simple process. With administrator permission on Windows 10 20H2, access the command line and type the following string, followed by Enter:

wusa / uninstall / kb: 5000802

For those who are still Windows 10 1909, And then install the packageKB5000808, The process is clearly as follows:

wusa / uninstall / kb: 5000808

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