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“Fun” in Paris, a poetic style in developed reality

“Fun” in Paris, a poetic style in developed reality

With “Fun”, Adrian M & Claire B, accustomed to the performing arts, and a joint team of graphic designers, Brest Brest, offer a short tour through the Cut-Lyric District. Objective: To deploy a wonderful and subtle world from posters in advanced reality.

In front of Gaîté-Lyrique, as you enter ilemile-Chautemps Square, you will find posters of intriguing gray landscapes touching the vegetation. These are volcanoes, peaks, lakes and ash forests, where beautiful black characters build nests, resembling wild barbarians. This series of ten posters titled “Fun” is a project of the Digital Artists Company Adrian M & Claire P., The Juggler-computer scientist and graphic designer duo, is known for his almost magical pieces that are exaggerated in virtual reality reality. They create this project by hand Breast Breast Breast, A combination of graphic designers with retro and humorous style.

Revitalize daily city life

During their imprisonment, when theaters and museums were under the curtain, they imagined an exhibition between the scene and the developed reality, in order to bring out a little of their poetry in the city: “We can no longer be disconnected from the public. So we wanted to make this a place of demonstration and experience.” Says Claire Bartain. “After hearing for a year and a half that our work was not necessary, we needed to try to do something when everything seemed ineffective and ineffective.” Adrian Montot adds.

A poster, smartphone and let’s go!

Adrian M & Claire P.

To live the experience, all you have to do is bring your smartphone (most recent, at least 2017) and download the “Animals” app. (on iOS or Android), then point your camera at a poster. There, small lively characters – reminiscent of blackness Totoro of Miyazaki – come alive, float, bounce, sometimes liquid, sometimes foggy. They move, scatter, go beyond the law to suit the landscape of the park, and exaggerate themselves in everyday city life. As if simply inserting a touch of awesome: “Our job as artists is to create a kind of focus on our everyday lives, especially in the city, with a layer of exaggerated reality in the ordinary nature of wonder. Miracle exists not only in the wild, but in our lives as well.” Claire Barthein explains.

During a short stroll, we walk around the phone and around a bench to appreciate the dancing of these naughty creatures. Another way to bypass the way we usually use our phone is: “We wanted to move away from the symbols used by Caffam and bring in another aesthetic, more subtle. These oversized posters stand out for their ineffectiveness and poetic nature.” Adrian Montot adds. Through this journey, we train our vision to capture the nuances of the ordinary world and to focus on the living, which, like Adrian M and Claire B and the Fountain of the Breast, observe as we do. Him. Poetry is a moment, sometimes fun, sometimes depressing, accessible to all ages.

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