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The App Store has a 2020 record, but the developers are raising their voices

The App Store has a 2020 record, but the developers are raising their voices

Filippo Morgante

BusinessApp Store Looks like they’re going At full speed, So Apple It said it had paid the fee $ 540 million on New Year’s Day alone. Now, as one emerges fromCNBC Analysis It would appear that all 2020 This is a year Profitable. Ratings speak for themselves Exceeded $ 64 billion. If so, this one 28% increase over the previous year. The International spread It definitely helped a lot Development.

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A real upsurge, if you will Between 2018 and 2019 The increase was halted to an extent 3,1%. Of course we always talk Ratings, First Apple does not release specific annual revenue for the App Store. To reach $ 64 billion, CNBC has been exploiting a figure provided by Apple since 2013, i.e.The amount the company paid to the developers Since the App Store relaunched in 2008 Developer Compensation for 2020 Knowing what it means 70% of turnover, Getting those 64 billion is easy.

Apple Faces many Pressures By companies that want to make changes App Store Regulation. What he specifically hears is its cut Requires 30% from developers, Is considered Excess. The company recently announced a new one App Store Small Business Plan, Which will reduce the role 15% For developers who create Less than 1 million million per year.

Via: 9to5mac