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Graphics cards are prone to critical vulnerabilities, so update your Windows drivers

Nvidia GPU on Windows and Linux Nvidia has released a new security update to fix six key flaws found in the display driver. The most serious vulnerabilities, if exploited, can run code, corrupt files and lead to denial of service attacks.

Credit: Pixabe

After settling RTX 3080 MSI card crash issues, Nvidia 2021 releases new security update on Friday, January 8th. This link is intended for repair Six important security vulnerabilities Detected on Nvidia GPU display driver Windows and Linux. Some of these vulnerabilities are serious and may allow service attacks to be denied, offers to be increased or some data to be corrupted.

All of these vulnerabilities require local access, meaning potential attackers must first gain access to the target system using another attack vector. In its link note, Nvidia talks about six vulnerabilities that have been fixed by the driver update. GeForce 461.09 on Windows and 460.32.03 on Linux.

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High risk of service attack denial

The most serious of these concerns is a defect Kernel-mode layer manager (nvlddmkm.sys) To DxgkDdiEscape. It is evaluated CVSS vulnerability scale 8.4 (To General vulnerability assessment method), This is none other than the standardized assessment system for security vulnerabilities. This rating is high due to the significant risk of being denied service rating and / or the raising of offers during successful exploitation.

In addition to fixing its various flaws, Nvidia has a series of issues with the game and some graphics cards:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the blue screen on the GeForce GTX 750D
  • Fixed a bug with the screen flashing on the GeForce GTX 1080T
  • Fixed a bug that caused the system to shut down on the GeForce GTX 1080T
  • Fixed HDR error on LG LED TVs causing incorrect black measurement
  • Fixed complex infrastructure corruption in Lenovo Y740 laptops
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Finally, Nvidia notes that other vulnerabilities identified for virtual desktops in Nvidia’s VGPU software have been fixed via this link. You can see all the fixes January 2021 Nvidia Security Bulletin. To download the latest drivers, go to Exclusive page on the official Nvidia website.