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Fortnight, the Neymar event is upon us: the date already exists

The PSG star was seen less and less at the start of the Fortnight event dedicated to Neymar. The official date is here

Fortnight, when the event dedicated to Neymar begins (Instagram screenshot)

For a few weeks now, talk of attendance has been on the rise Neymar and Fortnite. Battle Royale of Epic Games has entered another level of partnership, which will bring many related news For the PSG star Directly in the game. Be the first true footballer to set foot on the Brazilian event sport island and follow a variety of dedicated skins Football world in general.

A message that left players speechless, meanwhile waiting for the arrival of other great faces in the entertainment world TwainThe Rock ”Johnson. Data Miner, which released the opening date of the dedication event, fed the rumors To the former player of Santos and Barcelona.

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Fortnight, when the event dedicated to Neymar begins

Like many players Neymar A Fortnight slave. His interest led to partnerships with epic sports, due to which a full event will soon be dedicated PSG event. In particular – as some Datamines reveal – it all starts Next April 27. According to the Twee expert, others should come with the player’s skin 11 cosmetic products Collect everything.

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As always with the progress of Datamine, it seems that files on horses will be added Version of the game between 16.20 and 16.30. Considering the timing of the release of the epic game updates, Neymar may be the event It will last for a month.