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The AirPlay 2 on the iPhone is yet to come

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By explicitly rejecting the AirPlay 2, Spotify has come as a shock to some customers. Accordingly, now things were forced to be put forward a little. Spotify has not yet dropped support for the AirPlay 2; In fact, implementation is yet to take place in the future.

Spotify maintains a seamless relationship with Apple: On the one hand, iPhone users are an important customer base for the company, especially in the United States, and on the other hand, Spotify is annoyed by some of Apple’s theories: You’re no longer providing the 30% of iTunes payments that use the Apple Store payment services. One is concerned with Apple’s protected system and the EU Commission has taken a stand against it.

As with the AirPlay 2, support for the Apple operating system often seems hesitant and half-hearted.

The AirPlay 2 is yet to come to the iPhone

Friday night We reported About explicitly rejecting AirPlay 2 support for the iOS app. Company representatives said it was too complicated. AirPlay has long been supported by Spotify, but AirPlay 2, available from iOS 11.4, brings multimeter functionality to smart speakers.

Now Spotify is stepping back a bit. The company has announced that the AirPlay 2 will be brought to the iPhone in the future Through his forum Know, but still not sure when it will be. A few weeks ago Spotify released the first version of its Mac app that is compatible with the M1 chip – As a beta – Six months after the launch of the first devices a year after the launch of the Apple Silicon operating system. This will help estimate the expected speed of implementation of the AirPlay 2.

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