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The account was emptied in just 20 minutes: that's how it happens

The account was emptied in just 20 minutes: that’s how it happens

A ர சி து Just emptied in just 20 minutes, here is the new online scam that threatens our savings. In 2020 alone, 98,000 people were counted in Italy. They have been on the rise ever since the epidemic began. Manuel Ponsignor, a lawyer who specializes in damages working for Adigans, an association that protects consumers, explained. Day That “Online banking frauds have increased at an alarming rate over the past year and a half.” Because even “Everyone can fall victim to these traps, even the most experienced ones”. In fact, when the lawyer continued, “This malware has now reached the most advanced technology. Even a normal computer security system is not enough to prevent this from happening.”.

SMS that will empty your account

People between the ages of 40 and 60 are the most targeted. The most popular method is called SMS Owl. A message is sent to the customer with a link leading to the clone site, i.e. a fake website similar to a banking institution. There is no risk in opening the connection, the problem arises later, when the user receives a phone call from a fake bank officer he warns of fraud. And invites him to provide his login credentials immediately. At that point it takes about twenty minutes for the user to exit his computer Home Bank And restrict any control. As we said, the most vulnerable are those in their 40s and 60s, precisely because “This scam is always used in the processor downloaded on the smartphone.

Who can help us

In our country, the BFA, the financial bank arbitrator, is coming to the rescue, which offers lower costs and shorter times than a normal justice process. “Often the fraudulent user gets a partial refund because the guarantee of a full refund will allow the user to remain indifferent, regardless.” Also, the refund will vary according to the technique of the fraud. This means more Corruption The smarter and better this is done, the more money will be refunded. However, the proverb is that “prevention is always better than cure”. Ponsignor was eager to emphasize it “Legal aid provided by Adikon is very special. But to prevent these scams, it is necessary to conduct an awareness campaign and inform users.”

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