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The 1.5 renovation of the Stardo Valley will feature a new beach farm

The 1.5 renovation of the Stardo Valley will feature a new beach farm

ConcernedApe, creator In the Stardew Valley, Has unveiled version 1.5 of the popular farm and lifestyle sim that includes a new beach farm setting.

Here is what you can expect from this type of farm based on the description in the screenshot below:

“Good range and fishing and tons of open space. Sometimes, supply crates wash ashore. However, sprinklers don’t work in sandy soils.”

In more detail, there will be a new “Advanced Game Options” menu to adjust some aspects of your experience.

In tweets responded to by fans, ConcernApp explained that beach farms cover only “some” normal soil (not a lot), and spray control is not “so bad” – and how any crop can be planted in the sand, how grass grows on the sand.

When asked about “Remix” bundles, the creator provided the following answer:

“This is a random mix of some brand new bundles and old bundles, but sometimes the old ones have variations, for example they may require different crops or fish. If you choose” Normal “, this is the classic Startu Valley package.”

Here is what was said about the “Warranty Year 1 Completion” option:

“Now in the Stardow Valley, there’s a bundle of red cabbage that can not be obtained in the 1st year except for a random offer from a travel dealer, and it will not happen.” Guaranteed y1 complete “Select Select Red Cabbage Seed Confirm in y1”

There is no word on when the 1.5 update to Startu Valley will be released, but in November, the developer said it was “home stretch” – meaning it shouldn’t be too far away.

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Will you check out the new beach farm when the next Startu Valley renovation comes along? Leave a comment below.