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New U-G-O game announced for Nintendo Switch

New U-G-O game announced for Nintendo Switch

A new one U-G-O! The game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. U-G-O! Seven The fans should be excited U-G-O! Rush Duel. Jump Festa 2021 online card war game announced. For those who haven’t had the Konami game in a while, the rules have changed a lot. Gematsu “Rush Duel allows players to summon multiple monsters by default in one hand, and draw until you have at least five cards in your hand.” As usual U-G-O! Now games, you can pick up heroes and villains Seven Anime. But, a release is not immediate as Rush Duel is still in development. Until then, fans can play with all of the previous protagonists U-G-O! Toolist’s Legacy: The Evolution of Connection. Use that game to quickly gain some of your skills before hitting a new topic.

Conaki describes Link evolution Right here:

“Create your deck from over 9,000 cards and get the best talkies from U-G-O! The universe,” says the game description from Nintendo’s site. V, and challenge the new generation of Toulists from the virtual world of Yu-Ki-O! Wrains! ”

For the uninitiated, created by Kapuki Takahashi U-G-O! In September 1996 for Shuisha’s weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The original series ran until March 2004, when it became a huge hit overseas. Yogi Mudo is a boy who stumbles upon an ancient puzzle. After settling the artwork, he shares a body with the spirit of an Egyptian pharaoh. Many people try to recover the puzzle for malicious purposes, and it is Yuki and his friends who keep the puzzle out of dangerous hands. As time goes on, card games will become package pieces for wars between direct good and evil with stocks that are the limit of life and death. It is wild and definitely worth a look.

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