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Thai / Earthbound Creator Shikesado Ido My Neighbor Totoro - Nert 4. Life

Thai / Earthbound Creator Shikesado Ido My Neighbor Totoro – Nert 4. Life

‘S Twitter account Studio Kipli, The creator of some of the most watched and beautiful animated / anime films ever made by the famous Japanese animation studio, has shared his interest in the original version of the dubbing in these hours My neighbor Totoro, Perhaps one of the studio’s best and dearest films. In fact, the creator of Nintendo’s Thai series (also known as Earthbound in the West) Shikesado Idoi No one gave a voice except the protagonists Mei and Satsuki.

Chicasso Idoi is a character out of the box that is understood from his career as a game designer, and from the style and madness of the stories he has told over the years. Style and Crazy This made him one of Nintendo’s most consistent and most beloved writers despite the commercial success and distribution issues of his games.

We can now add something specific to its uniqueness Selected character, Which allowed him to participate in the recordings of such popular and renowned products.

In Italy, Tatsuo Kusakabe provided the voice Oreste Baltini, The best narrator of the dialogues of Gualdro Connorci, is famous, not always for the right reasons, but the adapter of Studio Kipli’s texts.

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