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TFA Support VI Cycle 2021, Topics and Study Plan. Download test examples and writing test

TFA Support VI Cycle 2021, Topics and Study Plan. Download test examples and writing test

The Ministry of Universities has issued Order n.755 dated July 6 to implement Rule VI of the Support Tax.

Selection methods for accessing the Special Curriculum for Activities are set out in Section 6 of the Order of the Ministry of Liaison September 30, 2011. C. Art 2 and Art. 4 of DM 92/2019.

Candidate must take and pass:

a) preliminary testing;
b) written test;
c) Oral examination.


The tests are designed to verify, the ability to argue and the correct use of language, at the candidate’s disposal:

1. Diversified artificial skills according to school standards;
2. Skills in empathy and emotional intelligence;
3. Creativity and skills in diverse thinking;
4. Institutional and legal competencies related to the autonomy of educational institutions

Preparation course for the 6th cycle of TFA support

Preliminary testing

The pre-selection consists of 60 questions designed with 5 answer options. Of these, at least 20 are intended to test language skills and understand texts in Italian. The correct answer to each question is worth 0.5 points, and any answer or incorrect answer has no value of O (zero) points. The test lasts two hours.

He is allowed Character selection Equivalent multiple candidates to double the number of seats available. At the end of the preliminary test, the last scorer will be admitted to the written test.

It will be held as per the national calendar mentioned in the Ministerial Order. 95 on 12 February 2020:

Download pre-test examples

Character selection

  • The rating of the tests is expressed in thirty;
  • Tests on one or more topics provided by Article 6, paragraph 1 of the Ministerial Order of 30 September 2011;
  • There are no closed result questions in the tests.
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Download some examples of Writing Exam 2019

The duration and method of the written examination is determined by the single university.

Those who pass the written test with a score of less than 21/30 are admitted to the oral exam.

Oral selection

The oral exam will focus on the contents of the written tests and personal motivation issues.

Tfa support, the sixth cycle is underway: 22 thousand seats are available, the university’s university breakdown here. DECREE [PDF] With video guide