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Test zu PICROSS S7 - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test zu PICROSS S7 – Nintendo Switch – ntower

The name Picross meanwhile should be familiar to puzzle enthusiasts as Thursday now offers us at least two new editions of their Picross S series per year. Shortly before the end of this year, on December 27, 2021, the Picross S7 became the new part of the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. In our game test you can find out exactly what puzzles fans can expect.

Unlike black and white picras, color picras are very attractive.

© Thursday

To everyone who has successfully avoided Kamble from Picross to date, here is a brief explanation. Picross is a puzzle that has a point where you have to fill it with pixels to get a small pixel artwork. You know where you can put pixels, the numbers on the left and top edge indicate how many pixels there should be in a row and column. For example, if you have a row 5 with the number 5, you know that the whole row must be filled. On the other hand, if there are 4 next to it, there should be a space on the left or right. If there are two numbers, for example a 1 and a 3, at least one field between the two numbers must be left blank. Game policy is reminiscent of sudoku or the good old landmine (who knows yet?).

The Picross S7 offers you the same methods as its predecessors. In “Picross” mode you can expect a total of 150 pixelated puzzles in black and white, which must be solved according to the rules described above. Although your first Picross with 5×5 fields is still manageable, the more difficult ones with 20×15 fields will take longer. The same 150 small images are waiting for you a second time in “Mega Pixar” mode, but here the amount of inconvenience is increased by the fact that there may be two rows or columns with information on how many pixels to fill. Here you have to bring more brain power. In “Extra” mode, you have to solve particularly big puzzles. Unfortunately, the game only offers two 30×30 Picross by default, and you can open up to three more 40x30s if you have saved data from the previous three headings Picross S4-6 on your Nintendo Switch. The “Color Picture” mode changes the classic principle of using different colors in its head. Here are just 30 puzzles waiting for you, but when completed they will be displayed as animated pictures. Finally, there is the “ClipFix” mode, in which individual images that are not like anything together form a larger image. However, you must first unlock 150 individual clips by resolving Picras in normal or mega mode. All in all, using ordinary Bicross twice as Mega Bicross is a little disappointing, but we get a proud number of 485 puzzles you can solve. In all modes, inexperienced players can access a variety of tips and tricks. Fortunately, Picross players can avoid introductions and explanations.

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With the Picross clip, multiple image segments form a coherent image. Three little pigs murmur happily!

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So you can see that fans of the Picross series get a lot of new puzzle dishes. But does the Picross S7 only offer us new mysteries from the tried and tested assembly line product or can the title score with any innovations? Who is ours Game test for pioneer Read on, perhaps remembering the biggest point of the critique. Although the Picross series already supports touch input on the Nintendo 3DS, there is no trace of this functionality on the Nintendo Switch despite the touch screen. The Picross S7 finally offers a solution here and offers not only button control but also touch support. However, at this point, I recommend you use the touch pen. With the small 5×5 puzzles you can hit the right box with your finger, while the large Picross without the stylus will quickly become troublesome. However, in my opinion the touch controls do not apply to extra mode especially for large Picross because the Nintendo Switch screen is too small for this.

Although something finally happened in the input options area on the seventh topic, the game’s music design is still not really believable. Of course, I do not have high expectations of the puzzle when it comes to soundtrack. However, after several hours of continuous ringing, the same song stuck out of my ears at one point. The songs should be great for this, but they are not. At least ten different songs, usually alternating, would certainly not be too much to ask to give the whole thing a little more variety. Anyway, at one point I turned off the sound completely and listened to my own music.

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