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Test Zu Gardner's Path - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test Zu Gardner’s Path – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Jigsaw puzzles are always a simple but satisfying pastime. The rules are very easy to understand and you can spend a few more hours with them. The same is true of the Virtino studio, a Brazilian development studio, with this type of game gardeners bath. It was released on all current sites for less than 5 euros at the end of last year.

You can always see how far you will move based on the white borders.

© 2021 Vridino Studios

The post-apocalyptic story is secondary. Tens of thousands of years ago, the earth ran out of oxygen, making it uninhabitable. In a few places, the goddess Anthea set up underground gardens, which supply oxygen to individual parts of the upper world via air rods back. These gardens now need to be protected because they are the only place where people can live. Unfortunately, pests constantly invade and need to be eliminated. In the role of Amora, the gardener, it is your job to protect these little paradises at all costs.

Each of the 60 gardens corresponds to one level of the game. In each of these levels you must first eliminate all pests and then reach the goal. At first it may seem easy, but it would not be a mystery if you do not need to use a little brain power. Here is the first ban movement. You can only progress in a straight line and keep running until you encounter an obstacle. These barriers can be stones or insects. However, be careful not to collide with the cactus as they will kill you directly. This kind of movement is reminiscent of various puzzles of games like Zelda, where you usually have to move ice on a specific field.

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When you have simply introduced the operating sequences in the first stages, the first insects will follow after a while. Here you can expect a selection of different pests, each with its own characteristics. It starts with a simple beetle that needs to collide once, then progresses to rolling snails and very long centipede. Some insects need to be repelled from specific sides, while others need to be attacked multiple times. Here too the movement always wants to think well. Finally, powerful artifacts are used. Each of these is used only once and always plays an important role in the puzzles. For example, there will be a blade that can kill any enemy with a single blow or a magic crystal that will take you back to the previous level. Puzzles are sometimes challenging, but rarely frustrating. If you are completely stuck in a puzzle, the game gives you the opportunity to skip the puzzle if you fail again and then try again at some point.

The game now comes in a very popular pixel look and offers translations in a variety of languages ​​including German, English and French. No voice output, but it is not required. You can easily complete the gardener’s path one afternoon. However, since the game is so cheap, you will have more entertainment than just going to the cinema.