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Test Zoo Knock Out Home Fitness - Nintendo Switch - My Tower

Test Zoo Knock Out Home Fitness – Nintendo Switch – My Tower

While many people spend more time at home, being healthy through sports has served as an alternative to the entire gym during epidemics for some. Fitness games have experienced a real renaissance in recent years, and have not only brought fitness into your own living room, but also paved the way for one or another non-sports enthusiast to get more exercise. With Knockout Home Fitness, there is now another sport that I have been watching closely for the past few weeks.

The menu is clear and minimal.

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Anyone who wants to try Knockout Home Fitness will happily only need their Joy-Con to get started right away. No other devices are required like the Ring Fit Adventure, for example, even if the game is provided with directly related equipment. This means you can easily take knockout home fitness with you, for example, install a small fitness unit while you travel or even in your spare time at the office.

At the beginning of the game you have to anticipate various things so that the training program is suitable for you. The game is generally positive to assume that you are completely untrained, which makes it easier for beginners to enter the game. Information such as height or weight is also requested and if you share a Nintendo Switch with others you can password protect such information. Then it can almost start. However, before you start – like all other fitness games – you need a little more space than usual. This game advises you to warm up in advance, and you can even plan such warm-up exercises in your workout.

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Initially you will be greeted by Coach Satsuki who will explain to you the first steps and first, quick training. You can familiarize yourself with various exercises, but with restrictions. In Knockout Home Fitness, the focus is on martial arts such as boxing, karate, Muay Thai or Kung Fu. With rhythmic music, your training unit is finally created in which you can follow the relevant exercises, especially the Joy-Con in your hand. However, accuracy is not the main priority here because you can “strike” to do an exercise. Here you need to get a feel for the beginning, which is why the perfect sequences of exercises will initially fade into the background. However, in order to train effectively you need to learn these quickly. There is even a separate menu section for this, in which you can watch individual tutorials.

Need the right time here!

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After the introduction, you now have the option between the daily workouts recommended by the trainer, or you can try one of the countless exercises that last three to five minutes. These are already divided into different categories such as warm up, boxing, fighting or challenge. Initially only a few exercises were opened, but as you train more and more often you can still open up and thus get a larger range of exercises in your skills.

The personal training program is very long and consists of a variety of exercises in addition to a warm-up phase. Here you can choose what and how long you want to train at the same time at the beginning of each project. As a goal, you can decide on an example for weight loss or muscle structure and select the target area individually. Here you have the option to select certain areas such as the whole body or the upper body or abdominal muscles. You can also change the length of the program. Initially you can only choose within 10 or 20 minutes, but then you can set up to 30 minutes as well. The training program created is ultimately based on your settings, last but not least, you can choose the training studio and one of four different trainers.

Exercise is a combination of sports and rhythm games where music gives you rhythm and you only need to exercise at the right time. As always, time is calculated here and the more advanced you are, the more complex exercises develop. So you can create sweat very quickly! But it does apply: the more consistent you are, the easier training programs will be for you. As a reward for completed training, you will receive a stamp on the calendar, and in addition to the new exercises you will also open other pieces of music, which offer a variety of exercises during training. In the post you will find a detailed overview of your workout, in which you can see how many calories you burned and how much you train consistently.

The Knock Out Home Fitness menu is clear and concise so you can see it all at once. Sure, the coach’s anime style is a tasty thing, but I didn’t bother with it because I was generally more interested in training. They are very diverse and even if you have not learned a martial art the exercises are well presented. In addition, you should make friends with various motivational words from coaches. However, sometimes, they can be helpful, especially since trainers count for you so you don’t lose thread during exercise. If that’s not your thing yet, you can make appropriate changes to the settings. The game is very good with music set entirely in German.