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Test Zoo Io The Clown - Nintendo Switch - Endeavor

Test Zoo Io The Clown – Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

Platformer Io The Clown has been available on the Nintendo ESHO for a few days now. The title wants to shine brightly in its best design and should also inspire different abilities that the protagonist can unlock for Iowa. We went with him on Iowa’s adventure and then clarified whether big ambitions were saved – or if no promises were made.

The dog is gone and the adventure begins.

Ayo The Clown’s story is about a named protagonist and his dog looking for Poe. One day he disappeared without a trace, which is why Io went in search of his faithful friend. He wanders around the country, gradually learning why Poe disappeared and what an evil wolf had to do with it. The story is told in short comedy scenes, including German screenplays and an English voice release. Overall, the story is very interesting because it is spiced up with good humor in many places. In addition, you will meet different characters who will not only be human nature but also further relax the adventure.

At its core, Io The Clone is a classic operating system.

Cloud M1

A classic platform awaits you on the path of Iowa, guiding you through very different areas. Everything from the green areas to the beaches and caves to the burning factory is included. It soon becomes clear that the promise to offer various positions is being kept. Each of the 30 levels knows how to trust its own game dynamics. These dynamics are intertwined in later stages, but as a player you can never create the impression you have seen of anything before. This means that each round of the game is inspiring and varied until the end.

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Io The Clown is playful because the loving clown has a life bar in the shape of a heart and acquires new skills in the course of the story. For example, in the beginning, you can only run, whereas during the game you will learn to run, climb and jump. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the skills is not so surprising because Io uses tricks that have already been tried and tested with some exceptions from other types of reps. The only specialty is the possibility of using a balloon to climb to the top and launch an attack. The latter in particular was a lot of fun for me. Iowa usually cannot be attacked if you do not collect the appropriate material in advance. Then they charge you with deep charges, a hammer or balloon sword. However, if you win from one of the enemies, you will lose this ability again. These temporary attacks create a huge attraction because otherwise you have to defeat Iowa’s enemies with target jumps on the head, which feels very boring.

Funny dialogues and scenes run throughout the game.

Cloud M1

On the other hand, special moments of the game ensure different types. Io is allowed to go back and forth in different vehicles to master a part of his adventure with them. For example, they include a tank and a helicopter, which are not only easy to control, but also complement the platform elements with short shooter columns. This is a lot of fun and is one of the highlights of the boss fight game especially in the tank against another tank.

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Technically, the title is very accurate. As some of our readers have already mentioned, adventure is reminiscent of the Kirby universe in terms of its enemies and colors – it fits in well with Iowa. Everything is beautifully colorful and fun, which means the graphic style is inspiring from the start. After all, comedy-style cut scenes are one of my highlights because English dubbing not only entertains them well, but also makes them enjoyable to watch. You will see annoying loading times in vain so that the quick fold can be integrated into daily life. The most important thing in an operating system is control, which feels precise and always allows full control. On the other hand, some hit boxes are not well executed, so even if you did everything right as a player, one or another career will have to trust them.

The playing time of Io The Clown is five hours. It took me an average of eight to ten minutes to complete thirty different levels, and there are still many hours of fun for those who finish the game. At each level you will find three lollipops and three teddy bears. Ten other secret items are waiting for you somewhere. In addition, you can gradually improve your skills in the city of the game with the collected gems and some side missions have developed it in the game. If you can be friendly with Iowa, you can add two to three more hours of play to complete five hours of play. Not least because the adventure can be played at different levels.

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