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Tencent becomes the majority partner of Klee Entertainment Studio - News

Tencent becomes the majority partner of Klee Entertainment Studio – News

This Friday, one of the co-founders of the studio Thus explained Glee and Tencent have agreed that Chinese Studio will become the majority partner of the Canadian company, and after already four years of collaboration, Tencent has been able to distribute some of the studio’s games specifically in the Chinese region, particularly One Do Not Hunger and its Newhome mobile version together. In doing so, this decision is triggered by the desire to retain the editorial freedom of the studio, while ensuring a certain financial security allowed with the support of Tencent, which should not interfere with the development or operation of the games. Studio. “This new agreement specifically indicates that Glee retains complete autonomy in both creative and operational. […] We have worked with many companies for many years and only Tencent allows us to maintain the level of control we demand.“.

Speech promises, but only time will tell whether this decision will change the way the studio works. Meanwhile, remember that Tencent is a majority partner in riot games, supercell, grinding gear games, sharkmob, miniclip, funcom, leo, but also in epic games capital (40%), fatshark (36%), fantastic (20%), crapton (16) %), Sumo Digital (10%), Frontier (9%), Ubisoft (5%), Conflict Interactive (5%), Activation Blizzard (5%), Platinum Games (not contacted), Jogger (not contacted), 10 Rooms (not communicated), voodoo (not communicated), and parked on the blue cleo driveway.