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Summer Sports Festival – Nerd 4. Jeff Keegley suggests that it be presented at Life

Journalist Jeff Keekley Posted a secret tweet indicating existence Senior ring At the Summer Sports Festival, at least according to the explanation given by the ardent fans of the Japanese software house and its most staunch followers.

There is only one tweet from Keeley Memory, A classic animated GIF with writing, in which you can see a small panda trying to escape from a cage. At the bottom of the animation you will hear “I will release!” (Trade. I will be free).

The reference is hard to understand if you don’t know Keeley’s background. At the last moment Sports Awards, Prior to December 2020, was mentioned on the platform but showed nothing about the game of software, so was put in a better prison by the frustrated gamers. So the presence of Elton Ring at the Summer Sports Festival commemorates his release.

Keekley in prison

Jeff Grupp inevitably suggested the presence of Elton Ring at the Summer Games, who responded to Kigley’s tweet, giving him a better understanding. what to say? Hope it really is, so you can finally see the game in action.

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