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Can GTA6 be announced during the February Super Bowl 55?  -

Can GTA6 be announced during the February Super Bowl 55? –

GTA6, According to a convoluted theory, it may be Announced When Super Bowl 55 Will take place February 7, 2021, Is the rumor circulating between Twitter and websites these days regarding the new episode of the popular Rockstar game series.

While there is complete silence from the company, fans continue to elaborate Hypothesis And maps, by combining alleged clues, lead to bizarre solutions. In this case, we are referring to what appeared during the Super Bowl last year, as announced by, which includes some references to the series Grand Theft Auto.

In particular, as pointed out in some of Reddit’s discussions, some TV channels used a variety of things during Super Bowl 54 in 2020. Notes from the Rockstar game series During the broadcast and to promote the sporting event.

Link to that case provided by GDA: Vice City and the host city of the NFL Final Miami, So the notes made sense. Some channels used Grand Theft Auto fonts or the classic postcard college style cover system to promote the event.

While the question makes sense from the geographical location of a game, it does not explicitly stop speculation – now, on the Super Bowl 55 horizon, GTA fans want to believe Deed The game may recur between the event and the series. Only at this point, the idea of ​​losing the geographical connection (which takes place in Tampa, Florida) can implement this relationship Presentation In GTA 6.

There is no information about the new game, in fact it has not been officially announced by Rockstar Games, but it is consistent with the rumors, which also talked about the possible properties of the online world due to the recently registered patent. Take two, or the protagonist may be male or female.

Historically, the Super Bowl has also been known to exist More important advertising During his break, it may actually be the right time to deliver a high-performance video game like GTA6, as advertising venues are being sold at a golden weight considering the audience of the event, but beyond that and conspiracies are hatched from the references in Super Bowl 54 to support them There are not many other clues.