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Teaching Eligibility for Extraordinary Teacher Competition

MIUR gave explanations on teaching qualification to the winners of an extraordinary competition for high school teachers.

Competitive practice for teaching in middle and high schools Activates To the teachers They passed the tests Bankruptcy and there was one Employment contract for the academic year 2020/21.

Let it be clear The value of extraordinary competition for teachers and who can qualify for teaching. We have at your disposal a note with all the explanations of the Ministry of Education for download for all information.

Training Training for Instructors 2021

With reference number. 22 July 2021 at 1112, MIUR actually exists Recognized implementation value Unusual competition for teachers. In addition, the Ministry has given an important presentation on the qualifications of teachers who have passed the Extraordinary Competition to teach in lower and secondary schools. In particular, he explained Required conditions So those who are successful in competitive practice can be empowered to practice the teaching profession.

Based on what is stated by MIUR, they can qualify to teach both those who have passed the competitive exams and those who have that possession. The following requirements:

  • Section 1, paragraph 9, letter c), Legal Order no. 126, replaced with amendments by law of 20 December 2019, n. 159, or addition to the qualifying rankings of the Extraordinary Practice published in the academic year 2020/21;

  • In the school year 2020/21, the permanent or fixed term contract of the annual period or until the end of the teaching activities in the school of the national education system is entitled without discrimination to the regulation of contributions.
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Who has the right to enforce?

In essence, the extraordinary competition for high school helps teachers They passed it And, during the last academic year (2020/2021), They had an employment contract Indefinite period in schools or for a specified period up to August 31 or June 30.


Download and discuss the full text of the MIUR Note (Pdf 118Kb) here.

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