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Teachers’ Alternatives 2021 2022 GPS and GAE: All Rules

August 10 to 21 It can be done Request 2021-2022 for alternative teachers from GPS and GAE for the academic year.

In the next academic year, in fact, faculty staff will be recruited on the basis of provincial ranking (GPS) for the disabled and ranking during fatigue. The process is computerized And questions are offered online.

Here she is Simple and clear explanation 2021-22 pdf guide on how to submit application for teacher replacements and all the rules for recruitment and download.

Teaching tutorials from GPS and GAE

Will be used to appoint alternatives to teaching staff for the 2021-2022 academic year Provincial ranking for alternatives (GPS), as well Rank up to fatigue (GAE). This was foretold by art. 59 Support Order Biz (Order-Act 25 May 2021, n.73, amended, Act 23 July 2021, n.106), which introduced this system for registration in the role of authors. To make sure Timely appointment Teachers for the new academic year.

Muir, by order n. 242 of 30 July 2021, authorized for coverage General and support posts Empty and available after normal procedures for entering the vessel via GPS and GAE. There are places Allocated on request, With a fixed term contract. The process is computerized and aims at allocating Annual replacements and operations until completed GAE and GPS, and Annual replacements aimed at the character From GPS. Ministry of Education, Circular no. 25089 of 6 August 2021, provided all instructions and operational indications.

Let’s see in detail All rules for substitution for teachers from GPS and GAE 2021-2022.

Who can apply

They can apply online for Alternative 2021-22:

  1. Enthusiasts are included in GAE or GPS Bracket 1 and 2, Annual Alternative Appointment (until August 31) or until the end of teaching activities (June 30);

  2. Enthusiasts were inserted into the GPS 1st band General post for at least 3 years of service or support post, interested in the extraordinary practice of appointing annual replacements for the purpose of appointing them.
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Teachers should not already have a permanent appointment.

Deadline for submission of applications

Applications for alternative location must be submitted 2021 August 10 to 21.

How to apply

Applications for transferees for teaching staff should be completed and sent through the appropriate procedure Muir stage Police – Istane’s online presentation. Applicants may apply All specific classes Competition or Types of space They are in the GAE or the GPS of a particular province. Although not included in the specific rankings (so-called cross-rankings), if the latter is exhausted, replacement staff may also be requested for support positions.

Every enthusiast offers oneSingle event, Even if inserted in different provinces for GPS and GAE. In this case, in fact, the computerized process will create two separate applications with the same application, which can follow two separate appointments if the candidate is entitled. It can be expressed in question Up to 150 options And, for each option, indicate availability Replace until August 31st Oh Until June 30th, And for Clips (With the right to complete).

Who did not apply Considered abandoned For all GAE and GPS it is plugged into. Also, it is important to underline that whoever nominates himself for all the schools in the same province can compete for the seats available after the applications are completed. On the other hand, applicants for some rankings, not others, or only for certain schools in the province, are considered to have dropped the rankings and undisclosed locations, so they cannot aspire for further appointments through GAE and GPS.

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How to Apply for Annual Supplements for Appointment in Role

Art. 59B of the Support Order, which has been converted into law Unusual practice Allocating seats left free after normal appointments in the 2021-2022 course, excluding the winners of the 2021 school competitions, due to ranking fatigue. Temporary post until 31st August, Time is running out Creation e Investigation, A Interview With a commission outside the school by July 2022 and, if appropriate judgment rendered, the Appointment to the role With Effective September 1, 2021.

Example Compiled at the same time For other alternatives through the Muir Online Events site. This can only be provided by interested parties included The first ax of GPS, To all competing classes and locations of the relevant GPS I band in the province to which they apply.

Eligible for appointment a Employment Notice By mail, That is Respect Accepting Appointment. Therefore, applicants for Annual Transferees who are targeted for the role of Appointment will not be able to participate in the next phase allocation of other temporary alternatives even if they have not dropped the appointment.

Computerized process

Per Fill out and submit Applications for 2021-22 teacher replacements require access to the service using one of the Muir online events The following evidence:

  • SPID digital evidence (public digital identification system);
  • CIE (Electronic Identity Card);
  • eIDAS (electronic identification, authentication and trust services);
  • Valid evidence of the designated area of ​​the Ministry.

It is necessary to use the serviceSpecific qualification, Is obtained by following the instructions on this page. Further, You have to be on hand:

  • A corporate email address ( or other personal address;
  • Login credentials (username and password);
  • Acrobat Reader.

Access to the event for alternatives as 2021-2022 takes place By Banner Is on Home page Of the stage (Application for Computerization Appointment Disabled) To fill out the application, the applicant must select the button Sign in directly from here And fill out all online forms.

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Temporary Assignment by The process is aimed at the above role For all other annual shifts and ends at the end of the school year. Also, alternatives are assigned to each province Priority For enthusiasts included in GAE, Then for those with first class GPS and finally second class GPS.

PDF guide to download

To help you fill out and submit an application for teacher replacements from GPS and GAE, we have this at your disposal Useful guides to download and consult:

MIUR Guide (Pdf 5Mb) Submitting application for alternatives 2021-22 published on the platform for online events;
– CISL Guide (Pdf 298Kb) Produced by Cisl Scuola Union
– The FLC CGL Guide (Pdf 1Mb) is available to teachers involved in the new computerized practices through the union FLC Cgl.

Abnormal requirements

BIS Support Degree (Pdf 440Kb) – Order Act 25 May 2021, n. 73 and Control Act (Pdf 832Kb) – Act 23 July 2021, n. 106.
MIUR contract n. 24 July (Pdf 293Kb) 30 July 2021.
Spiral Muir of 6 August 2021 (Pdf 390Kb).

How to stay up to date

Follow us To find out all the news about rankings and competitions for teachers, by visiting our page dedicated to school recruitment, our section is dedicated to public invitations for tenders and this page is dedicated to the upcoming upcoming public competitions.

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