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Tar guns "die" in Sicily, new hunting stop

Tar guns “die” in Sicily, new hunting stop

After stopping at the pre-hunting start on August 31st and September 7th, now The Regional Executive Court has suspended the 2021-22 hunting calendar in Sicily for the third time, Presented by Tony Scilla, Regional Councilor for Agriculture.

Today, Palermo’s TAR has deposited orders accepting the suspension requests of Wwf Italia, Lav, Legambiente Sicilia, Lipu BirdLife Italia, Lndc Animal Protection and Enpa, which were argued by attorneys Antonella Bonanno and Nicola Giudice. It established periods and predatory species. According to the TAR, the region did not take into account the environmental emergency caused by the summer fire, which severely damaged wildlife populations, the associations said in a statement. On appeal, the six associations denounced the opening of the hunting season as “a violation of precautionary policy and an obvious contradiction to the emergence of fire, endangering the conservation of natural habitats and the survival of many species.”

On the one hand, the area declared a state of disaster for agriculture and livestock, and on the other hand it allowed hunting to open, “however, without identifying and listing all burned areas where hunting is prohibited”. “With this further judicial victory, the legitimacy and priority requirement for biodiversity conservation has been reaffirmed – reads note – Skila knew it recognized illegal and destructive acts for animals, but wanted to do it anyway. Very predatory. Extremist.” The TAR, the associations underlined, stated that “it is illegal to include wild turtle pigeons among predatory species, and that during the pre-marital migration period, the timber hunting season was extended until January 10”.

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