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Tap zu One hand tapping - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Tap zu One hand tapping – Nintendo Switch – ntower

A hand tapping is one of those weird games and it’s good to be different. This 2D platform for Bad Dream Games is not just about solving environmental puzzles. Your voice plays an important role as well as your skill when it comes to rhythmic exercises. A bold and exciting idea on the part of the developer. Equipped with a headset and microphone, the slightly different adventure begins.

The pitch of the pitch determines the behavior of the different sites in the area.

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The most notable thing in a hand tapping is the art style of the surroundings. In a kind of painting-drawing style, you travel to different parts of the small, diverse world in a 2D environment. The plot of the game is hard to define here. You are a purple character, he tries to progress only with his – rather than your – voice. They will follow you, especially in the beginning, black, mysterious creatures will definitely not befriend you. The focus is on the different guys who support your character and your adventure with their talents. The goal is to escape from the hostile environment.

You need headphones and a microphone or headset to play the game. You can bring about changes in the environment with your own voice. There are areas that move upwards with higher pitches and lower pitches. Other devices require consistent tones or the right tone sequence. Here, your own voice is used skillfully in a playful manner. This game is suitable for all voice colors. In the settings, the pitch and sensitivity can be easily adjusted so you can play with a song that is not too loud. What is interesting to me personally is that you learn a lot about yourself and your voice. Any notes can play well, they are very tough. As an inexperienced singer I often had trouble keeping some notes. I think I learned about voice and song through drama. I can keep my squeaks to the point of passing at least a few levels.

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The stage designs are well thought out and beautifully staged. In a sense, the structure is reminiscent of Maja buildings and other old, long-forgotten civilizations. The coloring is particularly attractive. The game looks very smooth and offers a sober image overall. Small exciting scenes and fascinating scenarios are given. Various, creative environmental puzzles, often solvable only by experiment, are particularly fascinating. An open mouth is just as important here as open eyes to hidden details in the world of an applause hand. The game does not get bored with its puzzles. A game fascinates me from start to finish on the screen of my Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, in the rain, the game leaves the plot. Especially at the beginning of the game you will see a very dark mood and feel like you are following a very fascinating story. Unfortunately, the plot is only vaguely interrupted in the game. Finally, it is an explanation of what you can read from what you see. In my opinion, this is the makers’ favorite stylistic device. However, for players, it can be very stressful when the game is over and there are more questions than answers.