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Tanukis Awareness: A Virtual Treasure Hunt in the Saint-Brook Collection

Tanukis Awareness: A Virtual Treasure Hunt in the Saint-Brook Collection

Uramado Ar Or Awareness of Tanukis. Hence this so-called magnified reality treasure hunt. Inspired by Japanese mythology, Tanukis, the spirits of nature, now represent cities Million, Longux, Blindell, Florin, Portic And St. Brooke (Coates-de Armor). Imagined by artist Julie Stephen Cheng, she uses the phone as a wonderful filter of reality.

A tourist trail all summer

The six courses, established in Hillian, Longux, Blindell, Florin, Portic and Saint-Brook, offer the discovery of territorial landmarks, cultural structures or facilities within a municipality or municipality. With a few exceptions, all donkeys are found outside, which allows for treasure hunting.

A treasure hunt with the phone to discover the tourist attractions of the Saint-Brook collection. © D.R.

How does it work?

To take part in this original treasure hunt, the viewer must download an app to plan themselves into worlds like a dream that suddenly comes alive.

In each participating municipality, a route is provided. Maps are available at tourist offices, near exhibition venues or can be downloaded

To start the treasure hunt, you need to download the free Uramato AR app, be aware of the tantrums, gain access to the camera, point your camera at the tantrums and find his animal symbol.

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