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Dissociation, pixel-style Cyberbank RPG, completed on January 28 Nintendo Connect

Dissociation, pixel-style Cyberbank RPG, completed on January 28 Nintendo Connect

Sold Out and Ap Tripe Games today announces cyberbank theft action RPG through news release Deviation Released on January 28, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

We are huge fans of classic stealth action games and modern, fast shooters. We want to combine the two types in the disconnect. Deviation is our love letter to the cyberbank system and we hope it will attract fans of the plot-heavy story and stylish scenes genre. We want to give them the opportunity to establish themselves in a strategic stealth game or brutal, fast battle.

Erwen Leegan, co-founder of Ap Tripe Games.

Deviation is a fantastic topic and we are sure it will become a favorite of science fiction and cyberpunk fans. We can’t wait for players to finally immerse themselves in the view of the Ape Tripe Games about the future of cybernetics!

Sold by Vincent Coates, Product Manager Bee.

Inspired by Tech Noir Classics, the science fiction action RPG takes place Deviation 2048 in New York’s dystopian underworld. The player experiences the stories of three hardened citizens who come to the base of conspiracy theory and determine the fate of the city.

In the intertwined stories of the protagonists, players choose their own style and can choose to act undetected from dangerous weapons or shadows in nerve-wracking fights from the arsenal of future technology, weapons and cybernetic advances. Reaction story, in which skills are enhanced by cybernetic upgrades and whole sections are brought to the knees, which is suited to the player’s decisions.

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