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Take up arms, plants and tennis scams with the PlayStation Plus in August •

Take up arms, plants and tennis scams with the PlayStation Plus in August •

PlayStation offers three new plus titles for August.

From August 3, PlayStation Plus members can expect new games. This time, Hunters Arena: Legends for PS4 and PS5, Tennis World Tour 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battlestation for Neighborville for PS4 will be available for a subscription to PlayStation.

We introduce you to three new titles that PlayStation Plus members can play for free for their subscription period:

These are the PlayStation Plus games for the month of August.

Hunter’s Arena: Myths: First released for PC in 2020, Battle Royale with the Asian system is coming to PS4 on August 3rd – so it will be available for free to PS Plus members as soon as it is released. An unknown force has freed the demons and caused chaos in the world, with so-called hunters (it’s you) trying to restore peace and proving themselves to be the deadliest of all fighters.

This game does not offer a revolutionary story, but both PVP fans and friends of action-packed games can get their money’s worth. You can also kill the ghost bosses in the dungeon for artistic flight jumps, rare items with a quick 30-player Battle Royale experience.

Tennis World Tour 2: Tennis simulation from 2018 helps you climb the career ladder. You can slip into the role of the best players in the world or create your own character, with the right management, to take yourself to the top of the leaderboard.

However, staying on the yellow ball is not easy because you have to learn the timing of the wins. Compared to its predecessors, Tennis World Tour 2 has a more modern service system, more strokes, more animation and higher speed. Yes, you don’t even get a tennis elbow …

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Plants vs. Zombies: Schlatz and Neighborville: A crazy little third person shooter from 2019 that will allow you to compete as plants against zombies – or vice versa. Both groups have been stressed for a long time. You can play cooperatively or competitively.

With more than 20 customizable classes, you can compete with up to 24 players in three different PvP modes with three friends, or you can face PvE modes together or on your own. Not as comfortable here as in the original Tower Defense game!

You can still get July games until August 3rd. If you like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE2K Battlefields or Black Tale: Innocence, you can quickly reclaim the titles.

Which PS Plus game have you been most excited about so far?