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Syria's Cosplay is hot in Sladkoslava's sanana - Nert 4.Life

Sywestwood’s Siri Cosplay Awesome – Live 4.Life

Witcher 3 Wild Hunting One of the most popular games of the last generation. The credit goes to many elements, from the big game map to the mature and interesting storyline. Apparently, fans of the novels were able to see many of the characters they liked in action, above all the protagonist Gerald of Rivia. However, there was also room for laughter, a second character dedicated to certain sections of the game. Now, Sewestwood Offers us his Siri Cosplay.

As you can see, Sywestwood only includes the Siri version in packages. In fact, in one section of the game, the warrior princess of The Witcher 3 is wounded and rescued by some in a village. When she wakes up, the woman wears only bandages and then gets a chance to relax in a sauna: this is one of the woman’s quietest moments. This Sewwood Gospel passes it by Syria’s quiet brief moment.

If you’re a fan of The Witcher 3, you should not miss Lycasacin’s Siri Cosplay: it’s always cool. How not to mention the Cosplay of Siri in the Slatkoslava sanana. Mira_Ladovira’s Yennifer Gospel is also of high quality.

If you like other types of fantasies like Breath of the Wild: Zelda Castle of Krusha relaxing in the sun. Unforgettable Himigo Toka’s Cosplay from Lit.Miracle: It hypnotizes you with your eyes.

What do you think of Siri’s Gospel from The Witcher 3, produced by Cyvestwood? How much did she convince you, or do you think she saw Siri Cosplay as high quality?

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