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Open the pre-loaded Microsoft Store page and release soon?  -

Open the pre-loaded Microsoft Store page and release soon? –

Psychonates2 It may come out sooner than you think. Microsoft has actually opened the game page Microsoft Store And has already implemented the capability Dangerous. As the Xbox app shows, the download size on the Xbox Series X is 27.7GB.

Unfortunately the game has not come yet Can be booked, A fact that keeps spirits a little cool. From the rest of the page we learn that Psychonates 2 is a topic Xbox Play Anywhere, Can be run for free on PC or Xbox console upon purchase.

Also keep in mind that it will only be the next generation console version of the Double Fine title Xbox Series XES. According to Microsoft’s pre-acquisition agreements, Syconats 2 will be released on PS4, but will not have its own version for PS5. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a sequel to one of the best 3D operating systems ever created, characterized by insane levels and a much deeper plot than you might expect from one layer of the genre (if you can, retrieve the first episode as well).

This game is funded by FIG, Double Fine’s crowdfunding platform, always before joining Xbox Game Studios.

Psychonates 2 page in the Microsoft Store

[Aggiornamento]Immediately removed the ability to preload the game, probably activated incorrectly.

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