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System and historical period revealed by an alleged leak -

System and historical period revealed by an alleged leak –

Reporter Colin Moriarty shared new alleged details Bioshock4, They may have revealed Era and organization New episode of the series.

According to information obtained from his sources, Moriarty a Videos about sacred symbols BioShock 4 that would happen in the 60s Borealis, An imaginary city located in Antarctica. The game, currently being developed at Cloud Chamber Studios, is expected to arrive in 2022.

“BioShock 4 takes place in the 1960s in an Antarctic city called Borealis,” says Moriarty. “The code name of the game is Parkside … I was told that the development team has tremendous freedom in how to create the game.”

Moriarty says the development team is well aware that the project is being run with the utmost secrecy locally and that BioShock 4 will inevitably be compared with previous episodes signed by Ken Levine who is working on the new project. Will be released by Tag-Do.

A view of Columbia, the floating city of BioShock Infinite

The details are undoubtedly interesting and not contradict another leak a few days ago, in which there was talk of a possible announcement in the first quarter of 2022 and the city behind the events of the game is divided into two parts, one on the surface and the other underground. However, as usual we recommend taking such rumors with salt, as it is not possible at the moment to find out their veracity.

What we do know now is that in December 2019 the work of the new BioShock was confirmed by 2K. The development of this game is entrusted to the Cloud Chamber, which counts some of the series’ most experienced design directors. Jonathan Pelling and creative director Hogi de la Blonde.

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