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Swaps and tracing, principals on a wartime basis: "ASP unloads everything in the school"

Swaps and tracing, principals on a wartime basis: “ASP unloads everything in the school”

Palermo’s ASP is trying to “download” tampons and surveillance-related duties for school administrators from Covit-19. But the Palermo principals get up and send the request back to the sender. On December 22 last year, Covit-19 Emergency Commissioner in Reno Renato Costa spoke directly to school principals, who are saddened by the number of school principals who have to respond when returning from the Christmas holidays. . Anna Maria Catalano, provincial president of the National Association of Principals, writes a lengthy letter to Costa and Sicilian education leaders. According to Catalino, Palermo’s ASP is asking schools to “manage contact communication” regarding the epidemic.

In the presence of a positive student, according to the letter from the school principal, the latter should “immediately swap (Tzero), receive the results of the swap and return the results to ‘Use’ within 12 hours. Fill in the excel file with personal and sensitive data”. According to the principals’ union, “the rules governing privacy and other regulations relating to health emergencies are inconsistent and therefore will not be enforced.” In (almost) two years of a health emergency, school administrators carried a thousand tasks. Now they are tired.

Daniela Grimy is the principal of Casara Linguistic High School in Palermo. “The action is full. Soon – he will be blunted – we will be asked to clear the streets, provide direct transportation and treatment. Nothing works, so the company we work for is loaded with tasks” properly. I forgot, health inspectors “. But there are those who accept the request in the most peaceful way. “Of course – Margarita Santangelo, President of Industrial Volta, declares – this is another workload. However, I believe we are experiencing an extraordinarily complex situation. No one is being spared alone.

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