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Sushima Director's Cut Ghost is twice as big as the original PS4 •

Sushima Director’s Cut Ghost is twice as big as the original PS4 •

The director’s cut of Ghost of Sushima comes off fat. Thanks to the PlayStation Store, we now know how big the game will be when the updated title is released on August 20, 2021 this year.

The minimum (!) File size for the game is listed on the Ghost of Sushima director’s cut official pre-order page. It seems that owners of the PlayStation 5 will need 60GB of storage space to install the fully loaded upgrade version Twisted voxel.

For the PS4 version, players only had to have 35GB of space for free, which makes the director’s cut twice as large. After the release, about 12GB of updates were added to the original game. It came with a multiplayer mode and later 60fps support. However, none of these are included in the installation size.

For its 79.99 euros, the director’s cut already brings more to the release than its younger brother. Full PS5 support with dualSense and 4K upgrade requires significantly more memory. You can expect a connection of 60fps and down compatibility at startup.

In addition to the original numbers that will get the pulse of graphics fans, the new version of Ghost of Sushima includes Iki Island expansion with full gameplay, new story, mini-games and new enemy genres, online co-op mode and some downloadable content.

Below you will find a digital mini art book, a comment from the director (which is not called a director’s cut), a free leather package and other small gifts.

Anyone who already owns the title does not need to spend 80 euros. The PS4 owners of Ghost of Sushima pay 19.99 euros to upgrade the director’s cut, and if you want an upgrade to the next gen instead of the PS4, you pay less than 30 euros.

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If you only want to give PS5 treatment to the director’s cut for PS4, you should A ten down. The update is not free.