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Super Mario Party Header

Super Mario Party finally with real online mode

Nintendo announced today – to the surprise of many – the update for the Super Mario party. It brings a novelty, and it has always amazed me why it does not work: you can play all four game boards online with friends.

Currently it is only possible locally with four players, which is fun, but you should limit contact in epidemics, there have also been less sociable sports evenings with the Super Mario party over the past few months.


If I understand correctly it will get out of the update box, which seems to be only possible for friends. So you don’t seem to be looking for four strangers at the Mario party and then partying together. Most people would love to play with friends anyway, but that would be a good choice too.

Side note: The Super Mario party has always been very popular, but it is especially popular on the Nintendo Switch, selling nearly 14 million units. It ranks 7th out of 10 best-selling switch games. We always wanted to play it – It can be purchased on Amazon for around 45 euros.

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