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Astral Ascent Confirms Voice Cast, Linus Support and more!

Astral Ascent Confirms Voice Cast, Linus Support and more!

We have some awesome news to share Astral ascent, Rogue-Lite Fantasy 2D operating system for PCs and consoles.

When The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 29th, The French Independent Studio announced new features thanks to the support of the Hypernian Workshop supporters:

  • Complete cast of voice actors: Astral ascent NPCs will professionally create voiceovers in English and Japanese for all conversations with characters and the zodiac.
  • Support level in the game: With the availability of a limited-edition kickstarter, a statue in the dealer room can be part of the game for players.
  • Figurine Ayla Exclusive Au Kickstarter: Wish of the Stars – The zodiac layer includes a 20 cm tall Ayla figure designed by Graphicot.
  • Support Linux: Following the demands of the Linux gaming community, the Hibernian workshop has confirmed that the game will be available on Linux as well.

In addition, the Hibernian Workshop announced its Wants to release a fifth playable role as a free DLC for all donors. The Kickstarter campaign needs to reach 000,20,000 to open this content.

You can find more information here Astral ascent, Music collaboration with Amy Evans And update of the demo In the press release below.

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