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Steps to use irregularly manipulated Pokemon data Nintendo Connect

Steps to use irregularly manipulated Pokemon data Nintendo Connect

So far, we’ve got the impression that Game Freak and Pokemon Company are loose with people who handle Pokemon data or create pocket monsters in illegal and irregular ways. However, in a new announcement, they announced that they had noticed “some users” Pokemon Sword And Pokemon shield Etc. Pokemon Home Use with manipulated data ”. In order to provide a worry-free gaming experience for all users, Pokemon wants to take regular action against inappropriate behavior or disruptive behavior.

This may not be a bad thing at first if you give the hacked Pokemon Shiny status, but some users have caused problems for other players in the past. They “reduce the proper functioning of games or applications and may have adverse effects on other users”. You should proceed as follows:


Users who are found to have used manipulated data or engaged in disruptive behavior may be subject to the following penalties (such as blocking online activity):

  • Control of the game online Pokemon Sword And Pokemon shield
  • Control of the transfer functions of Pokemon Home For mobile devices
  • Account suspension for both Nintendo Switch version and mobile device version Pokemon Home

Pokemon explicitly suggests that these actions may be imposed temporarily or permanently (in the event of serious violations). As a result, there will be no refunds or refunds, and the Company will not respond to details of action requests or violations. In addition, you are already protecting yourself, wanting to impose similar penalties in the future, and may take additional restrictions or actions without prior notice.

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