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Clone Drone (Nintendo Switch) in the Danger Zone - Lay Test

Clone Drone (Nintendo Switch) in the Danger Zone – Lay Test

In a series of mini-games waiting to reveal themselves, today we present Clone Drone in the Danger Zone from Studio Toporok Games. Already available on early access to the system from 2017, which is gaining great popularity on this site. What about this game coming to our favorite hybrid console? We will see that the path to success is certainly paved with good intentions, but above all it is still very long.

Alone and lonely

Humanity is a resource for robot people just like everyone else. These, for their pleasure, put our personality on a mechanical gladiator and try to escape from the waves of enemies, even all robots, in an arena full of dangers. But some of them want to help us. Therefore, we must overcome the temptations that arise in order to gain our freedom and put an end to the elimination of our fellow citizens. Let’s be so and honest to the initial level, like an advanced Corsican cheese, it really has character.

The story is run by two game critics, so the lyrics are very funny and always in a completely humorous mood. In full English, whether it is vocals or subtitles, it is essential to have at least a mastery of the outdated cat language to take advantage of this Yon Ryu spread humor in production. While there is no need to enjoy this entertaining game, it does a lot to add a completely forbidden vibe to the title from the Toporok games.

At the end of each round, we have the opportunity to complete a talent tree. With one point per fight, it is easily replenished, allowing us to retrieve new weapons and especially new clones from the backups of our progress. So, if we start with a simple laser sword, it will swell quickly before it can be replaced with a hammer, bow or spear. Once these weapons are unlocked, they can be flown without any delay in the middle of the fight so that they can be easily modified by the oncoming enemies. In every ten fights, the story progresses along with difficulty. We start our progress back to zero, which is frustrating.

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Fashionable civilizations

So much for the clone drone’s story system in the danger zone. Without going into the details of the game, we will cover later, this mode is consistent and pleasant to play. Original in its content and in its form, it brings to life a fun adventure set against the backdrop of universal drama. It certainly has no binding due to resetting our fighter every ten fights, but it deserves to be taken seriously and not do it right.

Other methods are available to change the pleasures a little. Infinity will confront us with the same robots and the same arenas. The differences will come from the lack of skits and will zero in on every ten levels. Here we have to go as far as possible and reach the 7th difficulty level. Nothing too revolutionary in itself. The last single player mode allows us to perform challenges in very specific situations: Representative examples of surviving only with a bow or hammer. Again, this gives enthusiasts a plus to finish without changing the gaming experience.

If you are left out of the robot alone, that’s good, good to do with others! So, to bring grief to these human killers, we have the opportunity to have fun online. Again, nothing new: the same infinite mode already offered and the Battle Royale mode for up to 15 players. Because of the shortcut, the number of players on the servers is enough to find new friends on each connection.

So much for an overview of the general content of clone drones in the danger zone. He does what is necessary to provide a complete and fun experience whether we are alone or with others, without offering anything extraordinary. The split screen does not offer multi, which makes the game look like the perfect candidate for this kind of feature.

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Where the shoe pinches

It’s time to dump her and move on. Let’s start with the graphics area. Fully, in Vox, our robots can be cut into many small pieces. It is customary to end a disabled fight and chain the positions with one leg or arm less disabled. This is a great idea, which brings some interesting variations: a lower leg and our movements become more difficult, while preventing the use of the missing hand bow.

The rest of the decor is made up of monochromatic blocks that bring an aesthetic that goes well with the theme, but this still raises questions. In fact, how is it possible that the title freezes so much in front of the title that it presents small arenas with graphics without any temptation! In isolation, at the end of the round each descent is rewarded by the screen closure and in many, it is even worse. Add to that a terrible setback, which makes the clone drone in the danger zone inaccessible to many.

We hope that these issues will be resolved before release, because at the time of this writing, single player mode is enabled but cannot be advanced in many modes. Our shots are sometimes triggered two seconds after the button is pressed. The other black point of this port is that it is time to talk about restrictions. Unable to use the PC version’s keyboard / mouse controls, this console version has the right to make amazing choices in terms of mapping to the controller.

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So the base sword hit is up and down, OK, and for side hit you have to press ZR and move your character sideways at the same time. The absence of any problem with the keyboard makes the stick very painful, where the margin between the left and the “slightly down or up left” can not leave our attack as we wish. Similarly, the bow targeting the stick is lower than we expect with the mouse and the lack of option including the gyroscope will not help. Why not use the remaining keys of our pleasure-cons, because if we remove the ones needed for extra attack, dash and jump, there are still free buttons.