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Successful model of rocks by Mars rover

Successful model of rocks by Mars rover

The NASA rover “diligently” took a sample from the Martian rock for the first time and stored it safely. “I got it”, the US space agency confirmed on Twitter on Sunday the successful practice on behalf of the six-wheeler. NASA has released an image showing a piece of rock in a circular container attached to a robot’s drill.

“Perseverance” had already been drilled on September 2 into a small rock on the surface of Mars. Due to poor lighting conditions, engineers at the control center in Southern California were initially unable to see if the model was actually in the collection pipe. New photos in the best light now show that the drilling was successful.

The sample, which is slightly thicker than the pencil, is then sent to Earth for analysis. Among other things, NASA wants to find evidence of pre-existing microbial life on rock.

The first attempt to drill failed in August. According to NASA, the rover ‘s technology was working flawlessly at the time. But the rock was not strong, the hole formed only small, powdery pieces that could not be filled in the sample tube.

“Perseverance” (German: tolerance) landed on Mars at the end of February with dangerous intrigue. The rover, which cost approximately $ 2.5 billion (approximately 2 2.2 billion), took eight years to build and build.

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