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YouTube Music for Root OS: New App Launched;  Now only for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (screen shots)

Wire OS: These are exclusive Google Apps – Google Maps and YouTube Music of Wire OS 3 (screen shots)


That New Wear OS Is there – but only for very few users. Most users will only be able to use the new smartwatch operating system in the coming year, thus having only a user base that can manage exclusive new applications. We will show you what you are currently missing and what the interfaces of two new processors, Google Maps and YouTube Music, look like.

Fitbit Smartwatch Google Assistant

Many users will finally have a strong counter balance to the Apple Watch by restarting the Wear OS, which is optimized for use with Android and can be used under the same brand of smartphone. Somewhat farther away, but now, and in the next quarter of a year, there is the unsatisfactory situation of having only one smartwatch with the root OS3. Updates are not expected before mid-2022.

Unfortunately, despite the manageable smartwatches, Google decided to offer or update new applications only for root OS 3 – which also applies to other developers such as Strava. So two weeks after the announcement that we can only use the new site we already have at least three applications. These are from Google Google Maps And YouTube Music. YouTube Music is only available for root OS3

If you do not have the Galaxy Watch 4 available, you will not be able to try out newer processors in the future. So this time we will introduce them briefly and show you with some screen shots what you can expect in your new smartwatch next year. Until then, there may be other apps that will only be updated on the new site.

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YouTube music for root OS3

Use YouTube Music OS1

Use YouTube to play music OS2

Use YouTube Music OS3

The new YouTube Music for Root OS provides the usual level of functionality in the most modern interface. You can search for songs, invite playlists, stream and download music. Depending on the storage space available, 50 to 500 songs can be downloaded for offline listening. In settings, among other things, as you know it from other sites, you can specify to filter songs with explicit content.

The interface is kept modern, and when starting a song, if no application is connected, the application switches directly to the connection settings for Bluetooth headphones.

More information about YouTube Music on Wear OS 3

Google Maps for root OS3

Wear OS Google Maps

Wear OS Google Maps2

The new Google Maps app for Root OS is completely in Dark Mode and can be used completely without a smartphone for the first time. You can search for places, plan routes, select routes, start navigation and of course use them with a map view and step-by-step instructions. If a smartphone is connected, navigation will start automatically as soon as you use the smartwatch.

Battery consumption should be around 5 to 10 percent for 30 minutes of navigation. So you can go on foot for 6-8 hours, which should be enough for most users.

More information about the new Google Maps in Wire OS3

By the way, because you do not have to search for APKs Unfortunately, sideloading is not possible.

Root OS: The new operating system upgrades very quickly – only these smartwatches need to get the update

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