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Subject you, announcements, security ... whatever changes

Subject you, announcements, security … whatever changes

Google is releasing Android 12 Beta 2 for smartphones registered in the beta program. Here are some new things to report.

You are designing the new product of Android 12

You are designing a new product for Android 12 // Source: Google

Android 12 Beta 2 is now available for download, this time only on Google Pixels. If you have a compatible model and have registered for the beta program for the latest version of the mobile OS, You can upgrade your device.

What innovations can we already report? Here are some things to highlight.

The subject is you

Android 12 Beta 2 is expected to be added The most interesting aspect of the material you design : Automatic adaptation of the accent colors of the system according to the dominant color of the selected wallpaper.

Here is an overview of this customization process in a few screen shots.

Thanks to Encestral Music for his screenshots.

Quick settings

The shortcut panel welcomes a small change: the tile dedicated to the WiFi connection changes its name to “Internet” and displays the name of the network to which you are connected in small size.

Android 12 Quick Settings

Android 12 Web Tile // Source: Google

Tap it will take you to a list of available WiFi networks and see which mobile network you are connected to (and turn it off with a switch).

Better control of confidentiality

This was the expected feature, here it comes to Android 12 Beta 2: the user gets a small alert to warn when an application reads what was copied to the clipboard. Note that the notification will only be sent when one application reads the copied content from another application.

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In addition, Google announced the arrival of the Privacy Dashboard on Android 12. This functionality is now available in beta 2. This “Privacy Dashboard” is the geographical location of the microphone, camera and smartphone.

Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

Android 12 Privacy Table // Source: Google

Apple recently announced a similar option for iOS 15. Anything else on Android 12, when the microphone or camera is activated, you will see an icon appear on the standbar. Through Quick Settings, you can quickly turn them off.

When you do this, the margin reminds you that the next time an application tries to access a microphone or camera, you will be asked for a message if you agree. If you refuse, the application will think it has access, but it will not really take anything.

Google follows its Android 12 calendar

Android 12 Beta 2 at the right time, we expect this in June.

Android 12 Roadmap

Android 12 Roadmap // Source: Google

Smartphones from other brands already running Android 12 Pixel 3, Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 a And Pixel5.

It will take some more beta versions before we can see the standard version ofAndroid 12 Deploy themselves.

You can now install Android 12 Beta on your smartphone to take advantage of new features of the future version of Google’s Mobile OS. Here’s how to do it.
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