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L'éclipse totale de la Lune du 21 janvier 2019. © James, Adobe Stock

Stunning images of the May 16 lunar eclipse

Under the beautiful clear skies of May, everyone who woke up early this morning in Europe, was always won over by spectacular views.A lunar eclipse. A Partial eclipseOf course, and very short, until rising, opposite, theStar Of that day, but very luminous, with this incredible atmosphere of the moon, which seems somewhat thin or ruined, soaking in a bath of soft glowsDawn. Many interested, amateurs and professionals, obviously did not fail to share the most beautiful and poetic moment. Social Websites. The pictures are plentiful, and many, many more meticulously taken, with a certain sense of composition and balance. LightOfficial, beautifully translated Movement When our natural satellite, as well as its red and purple colors, emit rays through the shadow cast by the Earth The sun Were passingAtmosphere Land (shades that vary depending on the amount of dust in the atmosphere Limb Of the earth).

In Western Europe, his followers had only a small view of the landscape that bestowed admiration on him from beginning to end: it stretches from northeastern Canada through the West Indies to Patagonia. Also in space, the moon became an unrecognizable star, forcing its inhabitants. Space station They have to think about it through portholes and pause their work to take a photo.

The next meeting for the visible lunar eclipse in the French metropolis … June 12, 2029!