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Download free music notes on Futura

Download free music notes on Futura

Notes De Musique is an application for Android that allows users to discover music and music theory. In the form of a music game, musical notes allow you to learn notes, learn how to position them on a score, and identify them by ear. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, music notes are for you.

The application provides an interface in French, simple, no decoration, not necessarily very modern, but allows any user to quickly understand how it works. From the home screen, you have access to games, learning sheets, deals, your stats, store and help.

There are four types of games: note reading, note dictation, chord reading, chord dictation. For each, there are four game modes: training, time play, survival mode and challenge mode. Note that for each game, you have a choice between 4 keys and four octaves. The application enables notes, so you can listen to them.

The application also provides learning sheets on terms used in music. You can also find a dictionary of chords. It works very simply: mark the chord you want to know. The application provides you with relevant sheet music, and you can listen to the chord by clicking the Play button.

You can download the Music Notes mobile app only for your Android smartphone or tablet (no iOS version). The application is free and contains an advertising banner. You can open the (free of charge) version without advertising via the app’s internal store.

Keep in mind that you can improve the content of the app by purchasing additional packages again through the integrated store. Examples of packages: Adding key FA 3, UT1 and UT2 to reference packages, 3, 4 and 5 minute options in time games, and other challenge options.

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